Rival Companies

Because Rival is creating a startup focus within a long-standing family of businesses, we know what it takes to build something that produces lasting change: a clear vision to get a project off the ground, a highly skilled team working together as one, perseverance to overcome challenges along the way, a tenacious commitment to quality, and consistently delivering on our promises. We’ve applied these principles to the way we run not only our own business, but the various companies that make up Rival. Why do we invest so much in our employees, our customers, and the places we call home? Because we believe the return on this investment produces transformed lives, transformed communities, and a transformed world. Together, these are a beautiful reflection of God at work among us.

Investment and management company focused on building supply

Commercial real estate development and management

Acquiring Enduring Businesses

We’re always looking for great acquisitions that match our team’s passion for innovation. We are not a buy-and-hold investor, and we’re not engaged in flipping businesses. Instead, we’re focused on taking care of your company, your people, and your future. To complement our team’s strengths, we look for companies demonstrating high-care, high-trust, and high-performance characteristics with a strong next-generation leadership tip and a competitive mentality.

M&A Core Areas of Focus

Steel & Pre-engineered
Trusses &
Real Estate

Additional Areas of Investment

General Contractors
Development Companies
Innovation and Technology

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We’re always happy to speak with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors who share our passion for transforming the built world.

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