Director of Innovation and Process Improvement

Shon Steger

Shon Steger leads as Rival’s Director of Innovation and Process Improvement. In this role, he is responsible for driving the company’s growth and success through technology adoption, partnerships, and process enhancement. Core to this is Shon’s strategic thinking and passion for exploring new ideas and market opportunities.

Before joining Rival Holdings, Shon held various roles at Ambassador Enterprises since 2017, most recently serving as Director of Investment Services. In this position, he focused on merger and acquisition deal flow, financial evaluation of opportunities, and affiliate support. Prior to his time at Ambassador Enterprises, Shon spent 17 years in the medical device industry, where he excelled in engineering, research management, and business development.

Shon is driven by a deep commitment to innovation and improvement. He believes in the power of exploring new ideas and technologies to meet the evolving needs of Rival Holdings’ customers and maintain a competitive advantage. Shon’s dedication to his role is matched by his devotion to his family. He considers his greatest role in life to be a loving husband and father.

“I’m deeply grateful to be joining the Rival team. Rival has a culture of exploring new ideas, technologies, and market opportunities, and I am excited to help develop our competitive advantage through meeting the evolving needs of our customers,” said Shon.


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